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James Sadler

Former ECD Taxi, Former Deputy Executive Creative Director

Kim has mastered the art of making the complicated elegantly uncomplicated. And, she’s a dependable creative with killer craft.

Jordan Doucette
CCO dentsu creative

Kim is an incredibly talented and seasoned writer who can come into any situation/project and add tremendous value. It’s nice to know there’s someone you can call who just “gets it” and treats every project with as much dedication as though she were a full-time employee.

Meghan Savigny

Freelance CD/AD/Strategist/Service Designer

Kim is the brightest conceptual copywriter I've had the pleasure of working with. She has the unique ability to consistently land strategic, integrated ideas that feel fresh and engaging. Kim is a natural storyteller and that quality comes through in every project she takes on. No matter the constraints of a brief or a timeline, Kim is able to identify a creative opportunity and bring it to life. She makes the hard work of conceptual writing look easy – arguably the hardest task in this business.

Tom Eymundson

CEO, Director

Pirate Toronto

Kim is a rare bird.  She embraces trust, teamwork and she speaks ‘ client’.  At the end of the day she knows her team has to tell a story that breaks through the clutter and that this is best achieved as a cohesive group.  She’s a talented writer and a great team leader - I wish I had more clients like Kim.

Marketa Krivy 

Founder, Simply Mighty

Former ECD Tribal Worldwide 

Kim is a very talented and seasoned creative, well versed in the digital and social space. She is one of those rare writers that really crafts her work and sweats the details. Regardless of the assignment, medium, or constraints, you can always count on Kim to consistently deliver creative and insightful work.

Paul Riss 

Founder/CD Round Agency/Birder

Not only is Kim a super strong creative director/writer, she is also a great person to work with. I call on Kim when I need to be 100% sure of the work being great. She understands how to make ideas that stand out, and also how to present them to clients of all kinds and sizes, across every category.

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